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With unmatched expertise and experience in the American Southwest. We find well water, cost effectively, using the latest scientific "Seismoelectric" instruments and methods for determining the optimal well drilling location, depth and yield of the underground aquifer, before drilling begins. This is the only method for seeing the groundwater directly without drilling expensive test holes. So you can drill your well with confidence and peace of mind.

We can...

  • Find well water to a depth of 1600 feet below ground surface
  • Locate the optimal drill site on the aquifer
  • Locate and determine the depth and thickness of the aquifer
  • Interpret the depth for well drilling (to the aquifers bottom)
  • Estimate the potential well yield (flow rate)

In short, we find well water, before well drilling begins!  Helping to lower the cost of well development by reducing the potential for drilling an expensive dry well.

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Our Mission Statement

While striving to meet our clients' needs with unmatched customer service, expertise and experience; It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors to find well water where it exists and to help our clients determine the very best well drilling site. And to help lower the cost of well development and prevent clients from drilling an expensive dry well, or drilling on a less-than-optimal site.  This eliminates unnecessary and costly drilling that would have a negative effect on the natural state of the underground aquifer, minimizing carbon emissions and damage to the surrounding environment.

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About Us

For the expert water locating service you can count on, turn to Southwest Groundwater Surveyors. Serving the southwestern United States for over two decades, our groundwater surveyors are helping valued clients with scientific groundwater location for a fraction of the cost of drilling Test holes.

Thanks to our seismoelectric instruments, we can find well water and estimate the correct well drilling depth, and we can estimate the yield of the well before the well is drilled.

Our company has helped various clients save thousands of dollars in their search for the right water well drilling locations.

Because our groundwater detection instruments are both reliable and portable, we can usually conduct your groundwater survey in a single day.   All our surveyors have extensive experience in data collection and are trained in modern scientific methods and latest aquifer locating technology. We service the southwestern United States including, Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

Find Water First Inc. DBA Southwest Groundwater Surveyors & is the premier Seismoelectric Groundwater Surveyor for Arizona, Southern California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. If you are in need of our services please call 800-394-6207. If you are outside of our service area we will be happy to provide a reference.

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