Locating Underground Water with Electro-Seismic Technology

Finding underground water and water well drilling can be costly – But we can save you $$$!

Clients pay for well drilling, whether they find well water or not. We benefit our clients by saving them time and money by correctly locating the most promising spot to drill. Planning for the expense of your well development is now made easier on you and your budget. Our groundwater survey analysis will allow you to virtually see beneath the earth, showing you the location of the aquifer, estimated depth, and approximate water yield in gallons per minute (GPM) before drilling.

Finding Underground Water First – A big decision that can be made easier with our help.

Everyone who has ever planned a well site has struggled with the thoughts of where to drill, how deep to drill and what is the best method for answering these questions. Some people get lucky and hit an aquifer, many do not. For centuries people have relied on water witching, and dowsing to help them in their decision. Now with the aid of modern electro-seismic (EKS) scientific technology our groundwater service technicians can accurately find well water location and determine depth and yield.

Environmentally friendly:

It is our goal at Southwest Groundwater Surveyors To locate groundwater where it exists and thus prevent clients from drilling a dry or low yielding well where a sufficient water source is not found. This eliminates unnecessary and costly drilling that would have a negative effect on the natural state of the underground aquifer, minimizing carbon emissions and damage to the surrounding environment.

Add value while cutting cost:

Our team of highly trained professionals will help take all the guesswork from your decision. We can potentially save you thousands of dollars in drilling costs, while improving property value.

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Check out our article in the May, 2011 issue of The Glenwood Gazette!

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